Weary Not My Brother Cheerful Be Thy Son

Weary not, my brother,
Cheerful be the song;
Is thy burden heaven,
And the journey long?
Does the weight oppress thee?
Cast it on the Lord;
Run thy race with patience,
Trusting in His word.

Looking unto Jesus,
He has died for thee;
Oh, glory be to Jesus!
We’ll shout salvation free.

Seek, and thou shalt find Him,
Still in faith believe;
Call, and He will hear thee,
Ask Him, and receive;
In the darkest moment,
In the deepest night,
He will give thee comfort,
He will give thee light. [Refrain]

Trials may befall thee,
Thorns beset thy way;
Never mind them, brother,
Only watch and pray;
Through the vale of sorrow
Once the Saviour trod;
Run thy race with patience,
Pressing on to God. [Refrain]

Labor on, y brother,
Thou shalt reap at last
Fruits of joy eternal,
When thy work is past;
Crowds of shining angels
View thee from the skies;
Run thy race with patience,
Yonder is the prize. [Refrain]