Weary Of Wandering From Home Far

Weary of wand’ring from home far away,
I turned to my Shepherd who sought me astray;
And O, I am singing with gladness today,
Since I came home.

Since I came home,
Since I came home,
My soul is fill’d with gladness since I came home!
For I have found the Saviour, nevermore to roam,
And my heart is singing,
Since I came home.

Glad are the moments swift passing for me,
Bright visions of glory by faith I can see,
For Jesus the Saviour is setting me free,
Since I came home. [Refrain]

Calling for me from the old ways of sin
Are comrades whom I for the Saviour must win,
And I am so happy to help them begin,
Since I came home. [Refrain]