Weary Soul In Sorrow Pining

Weary soul, in sorrow pining,
Hark, the Master calleth thee!
See the light of love is shining,
Heed that gentle “Come to Me!”
With the cord of love He’ll bind thee,
With the rod of love correct,
And when fear and sorrow find thee
He will tenderly protect.

Come to Jesus, for He knoweth
All thy longings, unexpressed.
Come! the “Door of Hope is open!”
Come, and He will give thee rest.

If the clouds of doubt beset thee,
Bright thy “Morning Star” will shine,
And when daily trials fret thee,
He will whisper “Thou art Mine;”
When temptation’s darts pursue thee,
He thy fainting soul will shield,
With His pow’r He will endue thee,
Pow’r to stand and never yield. [Chorus]

When the hosts of sin assail thee,
He, thy “Door of Hope” will be,
He will never, never fail thee!
He will keep His word with thee.
All the way from grace to glory,
He will be thy Guard and Guide,
Till the light of heav’n shines o’er thee
Thro’ the gates He opened wide. [Chorus]