Weary Wanderer In The Darkness

Weary wand’rer in the darkness,
Filled with doubt and dread,
Take fresh courage,–trust the Saviour,–
There is light ahead.

Oh, what glorious hope
From the cross is shed!
Though the mists just now enclose us
There is light ahead.

Though thy soul is sorely wounded,
Hard by sin oppressed,
“Come to me, ye heaven laden,
I will give you rest.”

Lost upon the barren mountains,
Where thy sins have led,
Look above thee, see the promise,–
There is light ahead.

In that light beams forth forgiveness,
Perfect, full, and free;
Love amazing! grace so wondrous
Now is offered thee.

Thro’ the valley of the death-shade,
‘Midst the gloom are shed
Hope and courage, peace and blessing,
By the light ahead.

When we touch the darkened waters,
Without our life near sped,
Thro’ the portals, bidding welcome,
Shines the light ahead.