Weary Wandering Child Of Grief

Weary, wand’ring child of grief,
Hear the Saviour’s pleading call,
Who for sinners, e’en the chief,
Died to save you from the fall.

O believe Him, O receive Him,
Christ in mercy bids you come;
O believe Him, O receive Him,-
In thy sins no longer roam.

What tho’ steeped in darkest crime,
Foul, unclean, and stained with sin,
Jesus knows it all the time,
Seeks to make and keep you clean.

In thy course, O wand’rer, pause,
Listen to the voice of love,-
Christ the Saviour pleads thy cause
In the courts of heaven above.

And when life’s great race is run,
And thy conflicts all are past;
Heav’n in view, thy victory won,
God shall crown you His at last.