Weary With Walking Alone

Weary with walking alone,
Long heavy-laden with sin;
Toiling all night without Christ,-
Rest for my soul shall I win.

Leaning on Jesus,
I walk at his side;
Leaning on Jesus,
I trust him, my Shepherd and Guide.

Fearing to stand for my Lord,
Trembling for weakness in prayer;
Yet on the bosom divine
Losing each sorrow and fear. [Refrain]

Anxious no longer for self,
Shrinking no longer from pain;
Leaning on Jesus alone,
He all my care will sustain. [Refrain]

Leaning, I walk in “The Way,”
Leaning, “The Truth” I shall know;
Leaning on heart-throbs of Christ,
Safe into “Life” I may go. [Refrain]