Weary Worn Sad And Forsaken

Weary, worn, sad and forsaken,
Lingering on this cheerless shore;
All life’s sweetest ties are broken,
And my loved ones come no more.
All my early friends have left me,
In this lonesome vale of tears;
Sighing for their smiling faces,
Where they know no griefs or fears.

Throngs of youthful faces ’round me
But remind me of the past
When I held my dear departed
To my bosom fondly clasped.
But a few more tears and sorrows,
And the fountain will be dry;
Then I shall embrace my kindred
In the happy home on high.

Blessed hope, sweet balm of comfort,
To this withered heart of mine;
Light my path a little longer,
With Thy beams of light divine;
God of mercy, grace and goodness,
Hold me by Thy powerful hand;
Till I greet my loving kindred
In the glorious heav’nly land.