Weep No More Zion Dry Thy Streaming Tear

Weep no more, Zion, dry thy streaming tears,
The Eternal is thy God, dismiss thy fears;
Rest in the land of peace for thee remains,
Jehovah leads thee, Israel’s strength sustains.

He will restore thee, ev’n as from the dead,
O’er ruin’d heaps the vine and olive spread;
He will rebuild, as in thy happiest hours,
Thy city walls, thy battlements and towers.

A day will come, a day when from on high,
Mount Ephraim’s watchmen to the tribes shall cry,
Return, ye rebels; ’tis your Sovereign’s will
That calls you; come and climb his holy hill.

Rise, unforgotten by thy Lord above,
He loved thee with an everlasting love;
That love, at trumpet’s sound, in joyful throngs,
Thy sons, O Zion! now extol in songs.

Sacred Poems and Hymns