Weeping For An Absent One

Weeping for an absent one,
Falt’ring lips are faintly saying,
Words our hearts are fainter praying,
“Father-God, thy will be done!”
Groping ‘neath night’s starless sky,
Quenching all our spirits gladness
On lone hope relieves our sadness,
We shall meet her by and by.

By and by, sweet by and by,
We shall meet her by and by;
We shall meet and never die,
In the sweeter by and by.

Toiling on in darkness here,
By and by the clouds will brighten;
By and by our burden lighten,
And our morn of rest draws near;
Weeping eyes will then be dry,
When with old love-clasps we greet her,
When in home of life completer,
We shall meet her by and by. [Chorus]

In our home are tears and woe,
While to her is kindly given
Joy and rest with God in heaven,
Where no tears of sorrow flow;
So our smitten spirits try,
Hence to glean some consolation,
Knowing in our desolation,
We shall meet her by and by. [Chorus]

We shall meet beyond the gates,
Safe within heav’ns shining portals,
Meet among the glad immortals,
Where our coming she awaits,
And the moment draweth nigh,
When beside here, we shall wander,
All the plains of glory yonder,
We shall meet her by and by. [Chorus]