Weeps The Savior Oer His Foe

Weeps the Savior o’er His foe,
The vilest of mankind:
Need we arguments to show
His mercy unconfined?
Arguments His heart to prove,
Copious from His eyes they fall;
Every tear demonstrates love,
And love that died for all!

Still the streams of pity run,
And never, never cease,
Still He mourns a soul undone
By its own wickedness:
One who would from Him depart
He doth with His mercy see:
Grieves for me His melting heart,
His Spirit grieves for me!

Jesus, lengthen out my day,
That I Thy grace may know,
Grace which takes the stone away,
And makes the waters flow:
Touch me with Thy sacred grief,
Draw me to Thy wounded side;
Then Thy blood is my relief,
And speaks me justified.