Welcome Band Of True Toilers Who By Thou

Welcome, band of true toilers, who by thousands are found
On the hundreds of railways and the stations around;
There’s a question concerning heaven’s calling so bright:
Are you happy in Jesus? “Are the signals all right?”

With a clear shining light, is your lamp burning bright?
Have you oil in your vessels? Are the signals all right?

By the red lights of danger have you left the down line?
By the green lights of caution have you knowledge divine?
Can you say when on duty, either day time or night,
I am happy in Jesus, and the “signals are right?” [Chorus]

With a love for Christ’s service, and your soul well supplied,
With inspired directions fully tested and tried;
With the Points set for glory, with the metals all tight,
Are you happy in Jesus, with the “signals all right?” [Chorus]

And at last when your journeys up and down shall be done,
And life’s train shall in triumph to the terminus come;
Will you sins as you’re nearing heaven’s stores of delight,
Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! all the “signals are right?”

With a clear shining light, yes, my lamp’s burning bright,
I am happy in Jesus, with the signals all right.