Welcome Royal Hearted Summer

Welcome, royal-hearted Summer, crowned with beauty, light and flowers,
Scattering roses, blushing roses, by the way;
And we pray that grace unmeasured shall attune these hearts of ours,
To the sunshine of the Children’s Day.

Welcome, welcome, happy Children’s Day,
At this shining milestone on the pilgrim way,
Let us gather with rejoicing, and with hearts and voices say,
Praise God, praise God, praise God.

Thanks to Thee, O God our Father, for the blessings of the year,
More in number than the sands along the shore;
Every needful good provided, Love and Mercy bending near,
May we render praises evermore. [Refrain]

So we come again with gladness to our Father’s house today,
Singing carols like the merry birds of Spring;
Hitherto the Lord hath led us; still He’ll guide us on our way,
To the Temple of our Saviour-King. [Refrain]