Welcome The Hope Of Israels Race The Mes

Welcome the hope of Israel’s race
The messenger of truth and grace!
your hearts in righteousness prepare;
Behold your wish’d redemption near!

See glory bursting from the skies,
O’er Judah’s land effulgent rise;
And fix amidst her coasts its seat,
Where justice, truth, and mercy meet:

While faith and hope, their offspring dear,
Attendant on their steps appear;
And join’d in friendly compact move,
Bless’d with philanthropy and love.

Truth in thy lands, O earth! shall spring;
And righteousness, her healing wing
Expanding, downward cast her eye;
While heav’n’s great Monarch, from on high.

The heathen gloom shall cease away,
And usher in a glorious day;
And from his own propitious will
The promis’d grace to man fulfil.