Welcome Thou Sovereign King Of Grace

Welcome, thou sovereign King of grace,
We long, we long to see thy face;
Our hearts are weary of delay,
When, when shall come the promised day?
Come, make the cloud that bore thee hence
Thy chariot back for our defense;
We own Thy sovereign right to reign–
Come back, come back to earth again.

Rulers and people call thy name,
But seek instead for earthly fame,
And justice holds uneven hand–
Thy glory fills not all the land.
Thy throne long vacant here below
Needs thee, as do thy children, too;
Return, Thy right and rule maintain,
Come back, come back to earth again.

Thy heralds now in every land,
Proclaim thy kingdom near at hand;
Thy bride has long her vigil kept,
In weariness thine absence wept
How long, how long must she still wait
Thy coming at the eastern gate?
She still her would-be lovers spurn,
And waits in hope for Thy return.

Delay not more, we longing cry,
Come back and let us see thee nigh;
Come, and restore our dead who sleep;
Come dry the tears of those who weep;
Answer our prayer, “Thy kingdom come,
Thy will again on earth be done;”
Thy bride still gives her heart’s refrain–
Come back, come back to earth again.