Welcome To Another Day

Welcome to another day!
Night is blinded.
“Welcome,” let creation say;
darkness ended.
Comes the sunshine after dew,
time for labour;
time to love my God anew
and my neighbour.

Welcome to the day of prayer
with God’s people
welcome is the joy we share
at this table.
Bread and wine from heaven fall:
come, receive it
that the Christ may reign in all
who believe it.

Welcome is the peace that’s given,
sure for ever;
welcome is the hope of heaven
when life’s over.
As we work and as we pray,
trust God’s story:
come then, as the dawning day
heralds glory!
Michael Saward (born )
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
Used By Permission. CCL Licence No. Not entered
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