Welcome Welcome Holy Sabbath

Welcome, welcome, holy Sabbath,
Happy day of joy and light;
In our Sabbath home we gather,
Hearts are gay, and faces bright.

Welcome, welcome, day of gladness,
When we meet to praise and pray;
Earth rejoices, happy voices
Greet the holy Sabbath day.

Chiming bells, repeat the message,
Christ is in his house today;
Come and meet him, come and meet him,
Hear what Jesus has to say. [Chorus]

Sing of Christ, our great Redeemer,
For today he left the dead;
Jesus lives and loves forever,
He is risen, as he said. [Chorus]

Gentle Jesus, bend to listen,
Make us like thee, pure and mild;
In thy love and tender mercy,
Hear and bless each waiting child. [Chorus]