Welcome With Gladness The Childrens D

Welcome with gladness the children’s day,
Welcome the day,
Welcome the day.
Flowers are speeding the hours away,
Filling all hearts with a song.
Roses with smiling in fragrance grow,
Sending their perfume throughout all the land.
Wonders of nature they humbly show,
Heaven is blessing with bounteous hand.

Roses are blooming,
Blooming in fragrance and beauty,
Roses are blooming;
Roses are blooming today,
Bright in the sunshine, when roses bloom,
Banishing all of the winter’s gloom;
Flowers are blooming on hiss and plain;
They’re praising the Lord again.

Summer and flowers have come again;
Flowers have come,
Flower have come;
Praising the Lord with a glad amen,
Bringing their tokens of love.
Welcome the summer: Its days so fair;
Welcome the woodland: Its foliage green,
Sing to the Saviour, his blessings share,
God and his goodness are ev’rywhere seen. [Refrain]

Praise to the Lord! Be his glory shown;
Praise to the Lord,
Praise to the Lord.
Praise to the Lord! Make his blessings known;
Praise to the Saviour today.
Praise ye the Lord, ev’ry hill and plain,
Rainbow of summer and wave of the sea;
Children of men join the glad refrain,
Honor and praise to the Lord ever be. [Refrain]