Well For Him Who All Things Losing

Well for him who all things losing,
Even himself doth count as naught,
Still the one thing needful choosing,
That with all true bliss is fraught!

Well for him who all forsaking,
Walketh not in shadows vain,
But the path of peace is taking
Through this vale of tears and pain!

O that we our hearts might sever
From earth’s tempting vanities,
Fixing them on Him for ever,
In whom all our fulness lies!

O that ne’er our eyes might wander
From our God: so might we cease
Ever o’er our sins to ponder,
And our conscience be at peace!

Thou Abyss of love and goodness,
Draw us by Thy Cross to Thee,
That our senses, soul and spirit,
Ever one with Christ may be!