Well Meet Again On Edens Plains

We’ll meet again on Eden’s Plains
Some happy summer morning,
Where crowns of light and robes of white,
Shall be our sweet adorning.

Yes, we will meet-each other greet,
When safe across the river,
Close by our King, His praise we’ll sing,
Forever and forever.

No weary moan when all alone,
No dreary hours of sadness,
But lov’d ones dear our souls shall cheer,
In yonder home of gladness. [Refrain]

No tempter’s smiles that here beguiles
In yonder home supernal,
Where al are pure and all secure
Thro’out the years eternal. [Refrain]

No cross to bear when safely there
But then bright crowns of glory,
While evermore we o’er and o’er
Will sing redemption’s story. [Refrain]