Well Met Dear Friends In Jesus Name

Well met, dear friends in Jesus’ name,
Come let us now rejoice;
While we our Savior’s praise proclaim,
With cheerful hearts and voice.

But O! dear Jesus Lamb of God,
Send down the heav’nly dove;
His graces to diffuse abroad,
To warm our hearts with love.

In vain, dear Savior here we meet,
Except thy face we see;
Thy presence makes a heav’n most sweet,
When e’er we meet with thee.

A dungeon shews a heav’nly dawn,
When there with thee we dwell;
But when thy presence is withdrawn,
A palace proves a hell.

Then O! dear Jesus, condescend
To meet us with a smile;
Thy spirit’s quick’ning infl’ence send,
And purge our hearts from guile–

That at the close each one may say,
“”We meet not here in vain;
“For we have tasted heav’n to day,
“Nor could we more contain.”