Well Sing The Wondrous Story

We’ll sing the wondrous story,
‘Tis ever sweet and true;
Of Jesus’ love so precious,
Now freely offered you;
He left the joys of heaven,
His Father’s home on high,
For lost and ruin’d sinners,
To suffer and to die.

The cruel world, they took Him,
With thorns they crowned His head;
And then to Calvary’s mountain
The precious Lamb was led;
The nails of shame were driven,
The blood flow’d from His side;
He cried, O God, forgive them,
And bowed his head and died.

His friends whom He loved dearly,
And whom He died to save,
They begged His precious body,
And laid it in the grave;
But God, His Father, raised him,
Triumphant, from the dead;
Oh! glory hallelujah,
Now death is captive led.

My Lord now reigns in glory
He’s coming soon for me;
And then with all the ransomed,
His glorious face I’ll see;
And shout, behold the bridegroom,
Put on your garments fair,
And go ye out to meet Him,
With rapture in the air.