Well Win The World For The Master

We’ll win the world for the Master,
We’ll follow His lead against ev’ry foe,
And in His strength moving forward,
The strongholds of sin overthrow;
Out in the highways and byways we
Will seek the lost ones and bring them in;
Nor will we cease in our labor till
We’ve conquered the fields of sin.

Onward! that the world may know, we will tell the story;
Onward! ev’rywhere we go,
Giving unto Him the glory;
Onward! till our battle cry echoes thro’ the sky;
We’ll faithful prove
To the King of love
Who lives, rules and reigns on high.

We’ll win the world for the Master,
With songs of triumphant praise to our King;
To souls distressed and aweary
The blessing of peace we will bring;
O’er all the earth He shall rule and reign!
His word is given, it cannot fail!
To Him all nations shall bend the knee,
And peace on the earth prevail. [Refrain]

We’ll win the world for the Master,
And trusting His hand to guide all the way,
We’ll never yield to disaster,
But forward by night and by day;
Tho’ rough and dark seems the path before,
And threat’ning clouds would our hopes destroy,
A rainbow shines thro’ the drifting storm
And fills ev’ry soul with joy. [Refrain]