Were A Band Of Boys You Would Know By Th

We’re a band of boys,
You would know by the noise,
There’s a day that will come ere long,-
If you look ahead,
You can hear our tread,
As we march against the wrong.

We are marching on to manhood,
And a man’s place we will fill;
When the Lord says, “Go,”
We will not say “No,”
But with one voice say, “I will.”

We’re a band of boys,
And we can’t help the noise,
‘Tis the way of boys, you know;
If we can’t keep still,
With a boy’s strong will,
We can strike old sin a blow. [Refrain]

We’re a band of boys,
Hope you don’t mind the noise,
‘Tis a fact that it’s just begun,
For we mean to fight
In the cause of right,
Till the victory is won. [Refrain]

We’re a band of boys,
If you can’t stand the noise,
It is sad that you all are here,
For there will be more,
When the fight is o’er,
And we raise the victor’s cheer. [Refrain]