Were A Faithful Pilgrim Band Sailing To

We’re a faithful pilgrim band,
Sailing to the heav’nly land;
With a swelling sail we onward sweep;
Though the tempest rages long,
There is One among the throng
Who will guide the sailors o’er the deep.

We’re sailing, sailing over the ocean wide;
We’re speeding onward over the raging tide;
We’re sailing, sailing into the port of peace;
Where raging storms and rolling waves shall never cease.

Though the rolling billows swell,
Yet securely we may dwell;
Though the breakers roar upon the lea,
‘Mid the storm by day or night,
If we trust our Captain’s might,
He will guide us safely o’er the sea. [Refrain]

In the ship of Zion grand
We are sailing to that land
Where eternal peace for aye shall reign;
She has landed many souls,
She has passed the many shoals,
And the rocks upon life’s rolling main. [Refrain]