Were An Army Marching In The Cause

We’re an army marching in the cause of right,
Hear our songs resounding as we go;-
See our weapons shining in the bright sunlight,
Ever trim and ready for the foe.

Marching, marching,
Strong in our Captain true;
Bearing the colors of our King,
Onward we’re marching as we sing;
Marching, Marching,
Ready to dare and do;
Forth at the call, then rally all,
We march in the cause of right.

Hear the bugles sounding as we fall in line,
Ready for our duty t’ward our King,-
Going forth to battle at his call divine,
As his praises loud and long we sing. [Refrain]

Tho’ our forces weaken, we will not retreat,
Strong and mighty soldiers, true are we;
Tho’ the foe be strong whom we in battle meet;
Yet from fear we ever will be free. [Refrain]