Were Cadets That Want To Battle For The

We’re cadets that went to battle for the right, you see;
That is why we band ourselves together;
For our watchword we have chosen “Honor bright!” you see,
And we’ll keep it up in ev’ry kind of weather.
For the right, then;
Honor bright, then;
We will march on our journey thro’ the world;
Colors flying,
Ever trying
To be true as our banner is unfurled.

Then see us marching as to war;
With purpose steady,
Our hearts are ready;
Our gallant Leader goes before;
Then see us march!
We are “Honor-Bright Cadets!”

We’re determined that we’ll never know defeat, you see;
If we fight for right, we’ll win the battle;
For our Leader never taught us to retreat, you see,
No matter how the guns and sabers rattle.
We’ll be strong, then,
‘Gainst the wrong, then,
And we’ll work till the setting of the sun;
Colors flying,
Ever trying
To be faithful until the vict’ry’s won. [Chorus]