Were Clinging Close To Jesus

We’re clinging close to Jesus,
In youth’s bright sunny morn,
And thro’ the years that follow,
His truth shall us adorn;
His words shall make us better,
His steps we’ll keep in view,
For none such love hath shown us,
No other friend so true.

Clinging, clinging,
Clinging, clinging.
Jesus, precious Saviour,
We’re clinging close to Thee

We’re clinging close to Jesus,
Our hearts shall not grow faint;
Alone the winepress treading,
Our lord made no complaint;
Temptations, too, and trials,
He bore, yet without sin;
Then with His grace to strengthen,
The victory we’ll win. [Refrain]

We’re clinging close to Jesus,
We’ll love and serve Him now;
‘Twas He for us that suffered,
Sharp thorns have pierced His brow.
We’ll gather faith and courage,
We’ll clasp His hand more tight,
And keep on clinging, clinging,
‘Till heaven greets our sight. [Refrain]