Were Enlisted In The Army Of Our Savior

We’re enlisted in the army of our Savior and our King,
Of His power and His majesty we evermore will sing;
We have buckled on the armor, and we’re going forth to war;
Hear the trumpet sound of battle ringing out from shore to shore.

Onward march to victory,
Just before the foe we see;
‘Neath the blessed blood-stained banner of the cross of Calvary,
We are going forth to conquer, singing songs of victory.

With the helmet of salvation and the Spirit’s piercing sword,
We must follow our Commander and obey Him and His word;
By the shield of faith protected from the enemy are we,
And our Savior goes before us, leading on to victory. [Chorus]

By the Pentecostal power of the blessed Holy Ghost,
We shall gain a mighty vict’ry over Satan and his host;
When the final fight is over, we will lay our armor down,
And from Jesus, our Commander, then receive a starry crown. [Chorus]