Were Gathered In The Name

We’re gathered in the name of Christ,
To help, with pray’r and song,
To lead some wand’ring one to Him,
From paths of sin and wrong;
To lend, in love, new strength to him,
Who needs a helping hand;
“Not living dreams, but doing things”
We’re marching thro’ the land.

We are a Christian multitude,
We’re banded in His name,
To fight the hosts of sin and wrong,
And victory we claim!
He gives us courage, strength and zeal,
And leads us day by day,
Our song of joy, our battle cry-
“Jesus leads the way!”

To Christ the glory doth belong!
Had it not been for Him,
We might have groped our way about
In darkness and in sin;
But when we knew His saving grace,
Accepted Him as ours,
His love came pouring in our hearts,
To shine in darkest hours. [Refrain]

And now we’ve promised faithfully,
While here on earth we stay,
To help the struggling wanderer,
To tread the narrow way;
We love to do the work of Christ,
With mind, and heart, and time;
‘Twill make our toil on earth a joy,
And life in heav’n sublime. [Refrain]