Were In Gods Army And We Fight

WE’RE in God’s Army and we fight
Wherever wrong is found;
A lowly cot or stately home
May be our battle ground.
We own no man as enemy,
Sin is our challenged foe;
We follow Jesus, Son of God,
As to the war we go.

We shall not lose the fight of faith,
For Jesus is our Lord,
We lay all carnal weapons down
To take his shining sword.

When our invading forces march,
In every tongue we sing;
We are of every class and race,
Yet one in Christ, the King.
Our Master’s darkest battlefield,
Upon a lonely height,
Reveals God’s sword to everyone,
A cross of love and light.

His Kingdom cometh not by force
But, by the gentle power
Of righteousness and truth and grace,
He triumphs every hour.
Sometimes his happy people march
With banners floating high,
Though often in secluded ways,
They fight that self may die.

The good fight is the fight of faith,
Heaven’s victories are won
By men unarmed, save with the mind
That was in Christ, the Son.
As morning overwhelms the night,
So truth shall sin o’erthrow,
And love at last shall vanquish hate
As sunshine melts the snow.