Were Looking For Jesus

We’re looking for Jesus,
Our Saviour, to come,
Awaiting that glorious day;
When angels shall gather
his children safe home,
And sorrow and tears flee away.

We’re looking, we’re looking,
We’re looking for Jesus to come;
He’s coming, he’s coming,
With angels to gather us home.

Our hope is built sure
On the rock of his word,
He surely is coming again;
From angels the promise
his faithful ones heard
The Master is coming to reign. [Chorus]

He’s coming in splendor
All dazzling and bright,
His chariot wheels rolling in fire;
The world shall behold him,
Oh, glorious sight!
The Christ clad in kingly attire. [Chorus]

How sinners will mourn
As they look on his face!
How awful will be their despair!
But saints clad in white will
be bold in his grace,
Expecting his glory to share. [Chorus]