Were Nearing The City Of Which We Are To

We’re nearing the city of which we are told;
Its walls are of jasper, its streets are of gold;
Tho’ lonely and dreary, and boist’rous the way,
We’ll anchor in heaven, with Jesus to stay.

We’re bound for that city where cometh no night,
Oh, glorious city of endless delight.

‘Mid trails and dangers and anguish of soul,
Tho’ dark be the night and the wild billows roll,
I see a light gleaming across the dark wave,
And Jesus stands waiting the lost ones to save. [Chorus]

We’re crossing the river, we’re out on its tide;
The city appears on the fair Eden side;
There angels are waiting to welcome us home,
To swell the sweet chorus around the white throne. [Chorus]

O sinner, now drifting far out on the tide
Of sin’s bitter anguish, in death to abide,
Turn back to the Saviour-for you He has died;
Come anchor your soul in the Lamb crucified. [Chorus]