Were Over On The Stormy Lifes Stormy The

We’re over on the stormy side,
Dark clouds beset our way,
But just across the rolling tide
Beam shores of endless day.

On the other side, beyond the rolling tide,
Jesus is waiting for me,
On the golden shore,
In the grand evermore,
Loved ones are watching, for me.

There is another, brighter side
Of life beyond the sky,
Where sin and sorrow ne’er betide,
And loved ones never die. [Refrain]

Our journey here will soon be done,
We’ll enter into rest,
In yonder clime that needs no sun,-
Repose on Jesus’ breast. [Refrain]

Soon I shall strike those harps of gold,
Where flowers immortal bloom,
My dear Redeemer’s face behold,
And calmly rest at home. [Refrain]