Were Sailing Sailing Over Lifes Great Se

We’re sailing, sailing over life’s great sea,
And other ships are passing by;
The mighty Saviour shall our Captain be,
His star is shining in the sky.
But while in safety we may glide along,
Led by the Light that never fails,
O hear the cry that rises full and strong
From those who struggle with the gates.

Ship ahoy! Hear the cry!
“God save them,” we fervently pray!
Ship ahoy! Hear the cry!
O haste to the rescue today!

Lift up the beacon that shall guide the lost
Unto the haven bright and fair;
O help the wand’ring and the tempest-tossed,
That peace and shelter they may share.
O bring the shipwrecked to the Lifeboat true,
Our Refuge in the wildest storm;
Sing out with gladness and with hope anew,
Our Captain will his word perform. [Refrain]

We’re sailing, sailing over life’s great sea,
And not alone our way we take;
For others, sailing, look to you and me!
O help them for the Master’s sake!
The polar star of mercy shines above,
Our anchor holds forever more;
And dear ones wait, with joyful songs of love,
To greet us on the golden shore. [Refrain]