Were Sailing Were Sailing

We’re sailing, we’re sailing
Upon life’s changing sea,
But happy, yes, happy,
Where’er our barque may be!
With Jesus as Pilot,
His word our chart and guide,
We’re riding in safety
Whatever may betide.

We’re sailing o’er life’s sea,
But have no cause to fear.
We’re happy as can be,
With Jesus ever near;
Tho’ waves may ceaseless roll,
Tho’ fiercely blows the gale;
With Jesus at the helm,
Our barque will safely sail.

We’re sailing, we’re sailing,
And tho’ we’re tempest-toss’d,
We’re happy; so happy,
For ne’er can we be lost!
God’s mercy, like ointment,
Will soothe the troubled waves,
And peaceful the voyage
For all whom Jesus saves. [Chorus]

We’re sailing, we’re sailing,
‘Neath low’ring skies and drear,
But happy in Jesus,
We have no cause to fear.
His beacon will light us,
However dark the sky,
And safely He’ll steer us
To heaven’s port on high. [Chorus]