Were The Lord To Ask Thee Now

Were the Lord to ask Thee now
If thou lovest Him,
Would thy heart despondent bow
And thine eye grow dim?
Hast thou aye into His pow’r
Life surrender’d quite,
In the dark and trying hour,
And when sun shone bright?

To thy Saviour in the world
Hast thou faithful been?
And according to His word
Done thy work each day?
Hast thou to the hungry giv’n
Freely of thy bread?
As a guiding star to heav’n
Hast thou wand’rers led?

If, according to His word,
Thou this course pursue,
Then thy love to thy dear Lord
Will be own’d as true.
Heart will not despondent bow,
Eyes will not grow dim,
Should thy Saviour ask thee now
If thou lovest him.