Were The Soldiers Of The Army Of Salvati

WE’RE the soldiers of the Army of salvation,
That God is raising now to save the world;
And we won’t lay down our arms till every nation
Shall have seen the flag of blood and fire unfurled.

We’re the Army that shall conquer,
As we go to seek the lost and to bring them back to God;
And his salvation to every nation
We will carry with the Jire and the blood.

Though the hosts of Hell and darkness all surround us,
By suffering and temptation we are tried,
But we know that not a foe can e’er confound us
While Jehovah’s mighty power is on our side.

So we’ll put our trust in God who ne’er will fail us,
We know that his salvation we shall see;
And through all the fighting, those who shall assail us
Shall be conquered through the blood of Calvary.