Were Watching And Praying All Along

We’re watching and praying all along life’s way,
Praying on, watching on till the last;
What tho’ we are weary, soon will come the day
When the watching time is past.

Watching on, all the way, watching on, night and day,
Watching on while this life shall last;
But up yonder we’ll rest on our dear Saviour’ breast,
When the watching time is past.

Tried often and tempted by the unseen foe,
Yet to God’s blessed rule we’ll hold fast;
If He find us watching, to Him we may go
When the watching time is past. [Refrain]

We’re watching and praying while we lend a hand,
Doing all for the Lord till the last;
We watch for the morning of that golden land,
Then the watching will be past. [Refrain]