What A Change That Will Be When My Sav

What a change that will be
When my Saviour I see,
And stand in the light of His face;
Then His image I’ll bear,
And His likeness I’ll share,
And reflect all His beauty and grace.

What a change! Can it be,
That so soon we shall see
The Redeemer and Saviour we love?
With white robe and bright crown,
At His table sit down,
In the beautiful city above?

What a change that will be,
In the land of the free,
As aliens no longer to roam;
With our perils o’er-past,
A safe anchor to cast,
Where no sorrow or trials can come. [Refrain]

What a change that will be,
What a glad jubilee!
The lame man shall leap as a hart,
And the blind shall see clear,
And the deaf man shall hear,
And the dumb sing for gladness of heart! [Refrain]