What A Glorious Thing To Be

What glorious thing to be
In the light
Which the saints of old did see,
The true light of God.
Revelation’s holy light
Is the light,
And all else is dark as night
Save this light of God.

Long the earth in darkness lay
Without light,
But the darkness fled away
Before the light of God.
God has spoken from on high,
This the light,
And now bids the world come nigh
To this light of God.

Prophets are restored again,
In the light,
And the gospel gifts to men,
In the light of God.
Blessings to the ancients given,
In the light,
Are again received from heaven,
In the light of God.

Let us keep our spirits pure,
In the light,
And unto the end endure
In the light of God.
Then when Jesus comes again,
In the light,
We shall live and with him reign
In the light of God.