What A Great And Wondrous Gathering

What a great and wondrous gath’ring when the Son of Man shall come,
In the brightness of His glory, with His people gath’ring home!
When all nations, tribes and kingdoms of the earth shall be His own,
They shall hail Him Lord and Saviour, Him that sitteth on the throne.

What a gath’ring of the ransomed-what a gath’ring that will be,
There to meet and be with Jesus through the vast eternity!

We shall see the holy city of the new Jerusalem;
We shall enter through the gates beset with many a wondrous gem;
And the Lord Himself shall meet us with the holy angel band;
Friends and loved ones then shall greet us to the heav’nly glory land. [Refrain]

At the wondrous living fountain, flowing pure and full and free,
How we’ll drink, and never thirst again, beside the crystal sea!
There we’ll join in songs of heaven, strike the harps of purest gold,
For the victory is given and the Saviour we behold. [Refrain]