What A Wonderful Salvation For Its Lengt

What a wonderful salvation!
For its length and breadth and height,
Far excel the grandest knowledge
Of the seraphim in light;
I can never, never fathom
Half its holy mystery,
But I know it is for sinners,
And it just suits me.

It just suits me,
It just suits me,
This wonderful salvation,
It just suits me.

Oh, this blessed “whosoever,”
Calling ev’ry one who will,
To the sparkling, living waters
Flowing fully, freely still;
No, I know not why He loves me,
But His blood is all my plea;
I can trust His “whosoever,”
For it just suits me. [Refrain]

Precious promises of Jesus,
Sweeping ev’ry human need!
For the grace of our Redeemer
Must our highest thought exceed;
To the mighty, royal store-house
Let me use the golden key,
Find the special, tender promise
That will just suit me. [Refrain]

What a perfect, present Saviour!
What a true and loving friend,
Can we ever praise Him rightly?
Tell how grace and glory blend?
Now the Prince of Peace is reigning,
Overruling all I see;
So, whatever lot He orders,
May it just suit me. [Refrain]