What A Wonderful Savior Is Jesus All Our

What a wonderful Savior is Jesus,
All our sins He hath borne on the tree;
Of all guilt and transgressions He frees us,
What a wonderful Savior is He.

What a Savior, Savior,
Wonderful Savior is Jesus,
What a Savior, Savior,
What a wonderful Savior is He.

Gently in the green pastures He leads us,
By the waters untroubled and clear,
With the manna of heaven He feeds us,
And in sorrow He ever is near. [Chorus]

Widely open the portals of glory,
To the city whose streets are of gold,
As He tells us the wonderful story,
That to sinners so often He told. [Chorus]

Oh, the hope that in fullness He gives us!
Oh, the joy and the peace, how divine!
When in love He so freely receives us,
And our souls in His righteousness shine. [Chorus]