What Beauties Divine

What Beauties divine,
In Jesus do shine!
And yet all I see, I, with Boldness, call mine.

With him crucify’d,
When Jesus he dy’d,
My Nature was purg’d, and to God purify’d.

To me it is plain
When Jesus was slain,
Eternal Redemption he then did obtain.

From Bondage and Chains,
From Sin and Hell-pains,
Redemption of all in one Man he obtains.

Baptiz’d into him,
Who did me redeem,
His Person and Glories are my constant Theme.

For all of the Lamb
I rightfully claim,
To rest in his Fulness of Stature I aim.

The Father makes known
What he hath bestown
On Christ, and instructs me to call it my own.