What Boundless Love Did Jesus Show

What boundless love did Jesus show!
I cannot tell, nor fully know,
What grief, what agony, and woe,
He bore to set me free.

Oh, boundless love!
That I redeem’d from sin might be!
Oh, boundless love!
That Jesus gave His life for me!

Yet may my lips tell forth His fame,
My vice sing out His worthy name,
My sinful heart His mercy claim,
And trust His boundless love. [Chorus]

I heard the loving Saviour say:
“Come unto Me! – I am the Way!
I’ll turn thy darkness into day”:
I came – He leads me on! [Chorus]

His Word shall evermore endure,
His precious blood can keep me pure;
His love for me is ever sure,
And will be to the end. [Chorus]