What Comfort Sweet To Pause

What comfort sweet to pause
Close by the holy cross,
And with the Saviour’s mother
In silence look upon
Our dear and dying brother;
For there all fears are gone,
The peace of God abounds,
In His peace-giving wounds.

What comfort sweet to own
In His dear blood alone
All sin and guilt forgiven.
It cheers the weary heart,
When love divine from heaven
Does life and strength impart;
The soul enjoys the peace
That nevermore shall cease.

What comfort to believe
In spite of woe and grief,
Though worthy of perdition,
Yet to this sinful heart
Thou givest full remission.
O Lord, Thy grace impart;
I please, thy precious blood,
Thou spotless Lamb of God.

What comfort sweet to tell
My wants, I know it well–
And pray for more endurance
When longing to believe,
But lacking full assurance.
No rest I can receive,
Until I come to Thee,
O Lamb of Calvary!

Let all here have access,
Who yearn for happiness,
Grace to the poor aboundeth,
And peace to troubled hearts;
For mercy’s name here soundeth,
And comfort sweet imparts
To Him who comfortless
For help and mercy prays.