What Could Your Redeemer Do

What could your Redeemer do
More than he hath done for you?
To procure your peace with God,
Could he more than shed his blood?

After all his flow of love,
All his drawings from above,
Why will ye your Lord deny?
Why will ye resolve to die?

Turn, he cries, ye sinners turn:
By his life your God hath sworn;
He would have you turn and live,
He would all the world receive:

If your death were his delight,
Would he you to life invite?
Would he ask, beseech, and cry,
Why will ye resolve to die?

Sinners, turn, while God is near!
Dare not think him insincere:
Now, e’en now, your Savior stands,
All day long he spreads his hands!

Can ye doubt if God is love?
If to all his bowels move?
Will ye not his word receive?
Will ye not his oath believe?

See, the suff’ring God appears,
Jesus weeps, believe his tears!
Mingled with his blood, they cry,
“Why will ye resolve to die?”