What Crosses And Afflictions Meet

What crosses and afflictions meet,
Whilst we on earth abide;
With Satan and the world beset,
And vex’d on ev’ry side.

Our toils and labours of this life,
Are great and numberless;
Our disappointments, frets and strife,
Do ever mar our peace.

When we suppose we do possess
The things that works our joys;
They prove the cause of our distress,
And are but trifling toys.

The world is but a vale of tears,
A scene of constant woe:
We live in constant dread and fears,
While we live here below.

With anxious cares our minds are fill’d,
For life and health and food:
To such despairing thoughts we yield,
When we should trust to God.

Such frail and feeble creatures we,
We seek but never find,
Such treasures as we hope should be;
Real peace and joy of mind.

O mighty Saviour, gracious Lord!
Bestow on us that pow’r:
That we may trust unto thy word,
And doubt and fear no more.