What Dazzling Glories Strike Mine Eye

What dazzling Glories strike mine Eye!
How infinite the Mystery!
What Truth divine doth God reveal,
When Judah’s Lion breaks the Seal!
Expounds to Man that sacred Book,
Which from the Father’s Hand he took.

Long did this Secret lie conceal’d
In God, nor was it yet reveal’d;
Nor Men, nor Angels could discern,
Nor might the Father’s Nature learn:
Nor was there found a worthy One
To take the Book, and look thereon.

But, to dispel our gloomy Fears,
A Lamb with Marks of Death appears;
Deep Wounds, with Blood-exhausted Vein,
Denoted that he had been slain:
And in that wounded Form prevail’d
To read the Book, tho’ sev’n Times seal’d.

When ev’ry Seal is open broke,
And each attending Voice hath spoke,
An universal Silence reigns,
Whilst he the sacred Page explains:
Our Heav’n itself in Silence waits,
What the dear worthy Lamb relates.