What Did They Do On Pentecost

What did they do on Pentecost,
When the Spirit first was giv’n,
When fell the blessed Holy Ghost,
Like a rushing wind form heav’n?

They spoke with tongues and so will you
When He sends the Holy Ghost;
His pow’r will fall upon you, too,
AS it fell at Pentecost.

What did they do at Caesarea
When God’s servant spoke the word,
When they were met, with joy to hear
Tidings of the risen Lord? [Chorus]

What did they do at Ephesus?
Thru the great apostle Paul,
God gave the sign as at the first-
And He gives the sign to all. [Chorus]

What did they do the wide world o’er,
When the Holy Ghost was giv’n,
When they received the promise sure
Of the Spirit sent from heav’n? [Chorus]

Even today in copious show’r
Falls the promised latter rain;
They who receive the old-time pow’r
Speak “in other tongues” again. [Chorus]